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Bobby and Dorothy's 1970 SS Chevelle


           As you well know we are the original owners of a 1970 SS Chevelle. Over the years of everyday family use, and a long period of non-use. The car was in pretty bad shape. Seeing other cars like ours being driving and displayed, sparked an interest in our old car. With your dream of what it could look like, hard work, and determination. Our car is better than when we bought it new. We wanted you to know, even now (6 years later) Strangers everywhere stop us to compliment the paint and body work and ask us for your name. We have won several awards and are very proud of our car.  When you see us out, you always take the time to check the car and give us tips on keeping it looking great. You’re doing something right. We've sent three cars your way and the owners are all very satisfied. Good luck and best wishes with your shop. Hope you don't get too big and busy to forget about the old repeat customers.


                                                            Thank Again

                                                                      Bobby & Dorothy




            Evel Kneivel Buddy 125 Scooter

I made the mistake of spray painting my Buddy 125 scooter one day in an awful army green and cammo black color combo.  After a few moths of looking at my mistake, I asked a friend if he knew of someone that did custom paint.  my friend mentioned that a guy named Kevin Lewin had done several custom motorcycle paint jobs for his brother. I eventually gave him a call and discussed getting my scooter custom painted, and it was clear that not only he knew his stuff, but he also really enjoyed doing custom work. My wife and I had gone back and forth as to what style we'd like the scooter to be,  some of the paint job ideas included General Lee, the A-Team Van, and other nostalgic themes.  I eventually went with my wife's idea of an Evel Kneivel paint job.

All I gave Kevin was my ugly spray painted scooter, my beaten-up helmet , and the words "Evel Kneivel."  He gave me an estimate of what he thought it would cost and how much time he needed, and he took my scooter away on his trailer.  A few days later he e-mailed me a terrific sketch of his ideas to see if I liked them.  the scooter concept was perfect, and I picked my favorite of the two helmet styles he had drawn up.  I turned him loose on the concept, and he got to work.  Along the way he would call or e-mail me some ideas for graphics, and he gave me updates on the progress.  I got the impression that he really enjoyed a "Blank Slate" project like my scooter.  Over the course of the project, I came to understand that Kevin was a perfectionist about his work, and insisted on using the best products and doing the job right.

 After about three weeks, Kevin called me to tell me the scooter was almost done, and that a lot of his usual customers were stopping by often to see the progress.  When I finally arrived at his shop to pick it up, I was blown away by the amazing job he did.  It is a stunning piece of work, and his concept was executed perfectly.  This scooter gets looks everywhere I take it, and even the Harley guys are crazy about it when I pull up to them.  When Kevin gave me the bill, I knew he had more in it than the bill showed, so I had to give him an extra $100 to show him how much I appreciated the effort he put into it.  the scooter was the feature in Scoot Quarterly Magazine and also got rave reviews at  I cant recommend Kevin highly enough for those looking to get the best possible paint job. 

Thanks Kevin

-David P.





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